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Our Next Step

djmusic10 a posted Dec 11, 14

My Fellow Heroes 
        Everyday we welcome new members to our community allowing us to expand our capabilities to create a better home for Gamers. As you may have noticed today our teamspeak has been down for quite some time due to technical issues. During this down time I have got a chance to bring some of our leaders together and perform security updates on our teamspeak as well as figure out to prevent future server failures. In other news we will be bringing a variety of features and revamps to Relentless Heroes within the following month such as bringing back our previous website. These benefits would cover the following plus more to be added over time: 
1) Easier Navigation
2) Streamer Integration
3) Tournament Hosting
4) Facebook posting
5) RH Gaming Youtube Channel 
6) Opportunities for our members to become RH staff and assist us to greatness

We are hoping on creating blog and podcast content so anyone willing to do please contact your admins. We will go into more detail about the things we will be bringing to Relentless Heroes Gaming in a future meeting, If any website developers/Coders are available to help with improvements please contact the leaders.

Happy Gaming !
BadDawGe Lemme know what's needed ...

Join Relentless Heroes for our prized Starcraft 2 Tournament on Saturday, November 22 at 7 P.M EST. This tournament is restricted for Diamond and Master players only. Due to the support of our members and viewers we are able to come up with a $50 Prize pool that will go towards the winners. In order to participate in the tournament please sign up at the following link: http://challonge.com/RHDM1
In Game Group : battlenet://starcraft/group/1/11699

Happy Gaming and Good luck to the participants

A bunch of us got destiny for PS4 on release and welcome any and all RHGaming members new, and old to join the clan at the following link:


Come game with us and carve out RHGaming's Legend!

See MarineUsMcRH, or DJMusic for more info.
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They should be fixed. Just message me on teamspeak :)
garr0 if you havnt talked to DJ/marine yet do so, they deleted all old permissions to fix them, they have to re-give out permissions
someone fucked up the permissions in teamspeak. got stripped of my admin now everything is stupid. Not pointing fingers but we booted
Teamspeak is up !
come on TS dont let me down!