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Chobo League Week 4 Line up

djmusic10 aO posted 15 hours ago
Born Platinum Protoss Vaani Research Station ? Terran Daedalus
Milkyman Gold Zerg Inferno Pools Loss Zerg Grimley
Oppressio Platinum Zerg Expedition Lost WIN Zerg Happybythree
llllllllll Diamond Zerg Catallena LE ? Terran BossTerraN
Minzy Gold Zerg Overgrowth LE WIN Terran MeemoSaan
Ozone Platinum Terran Deadwing LE ? Zerg SandBoXx
Swift Diamond Protoss Secret Spring ? Zerg Devonian
Atillaoutlaw Gold Terran Vaani Research Station ? Terran Dropinbodies
Ace Match - Best of 3
Lazyprobes Diamond  Terran Inferno Pools ? Terran HousePeddler


Looking for Streamers for the Relentless Heroes Stream. We have set up a donations tab and those who will receive any donations will be able to keep a portion of it for themselves for helping us keep content on the stream. Those who stream Starcraft are required to use a RH Hotkey Template which will be provided to you. If you are interested contact DJ, Rave or Marine with your stream times avaliable. If your time avaliability is random but still want to stream we also need Streamers and casters for Chobo and Clan wars. A Face camera is highly recommended but not required

Our Relentless Heroes Youtube is finally up and running as "RelentlessHeroes" . We will use this Channel to upload all of Sc2 Replays , League of Legends , DOTA 2 , and Diablo Videos. We will also allow people to upload podcasts and Reviews for products. If you do not feel like you need a video to do this then you can post in the forums your written responses. We are in search of People who can make graphics for intro Videos, Have great Video Editing skills , and admins to manage , comment and upload videos from other people. Please inquire in this article or find admins on Teamspeak

Thank You

Happy Gaming !

its black ops 2 zombies
Its Thriller !!!
It's a zombie? :)
why is the site always dead T_T
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