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After 7 weeks we have cruised into the playoffs with a 7-0 score in group stage.  This week we start off quater fianals vs composite in what should be an interesting match.Composite just came off beating the other undeafeated team Unrivaled. You can find this weeks line ups and matchups at http://wiki.teamliquid.net/starcraft2/User:Tromboneham/Chobo_Team_League_Season_9/Playoffs

We are starting inhouses every weekend at 8:30pm Eastern Time on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Begining this weekend (3/13 - 3/15).

The inhouses will be set up in this way:

  • Teams for inhouses will be picked by two/(three ect.) random members of aproximatly the same skill.
  • When only two teams exist the two teams will play in a best of three... then new teams will be picked
  • For every 5 people who want to play over 10 initial people a new team will be added
  • When three of more teams exist: each team will play against each other team once before new teams are picked
  • Each team will get it's own teamspeak channel

Feel free to ask me (OptimusPrimeLordOfMath) any questions about how the inhouses will be run in the teamspeak. Happy Gaming!

Teamspeak Activity

djmusic10 a posted Mar 10, 15


Congrats Leaders and Admins of Relentless Heroes Games. We have finally reached our peak activity of 75 Users on Teamspeak. This couldn't be done without your guys hard work and dedication to your roles. We are half way there to restore Relentless Heroes to its former glory and reaching at least the half mark is something truley awesome . Keep Up The Good Work !!!!

Happy Gaming

-Relentless Heroes Administration 

lol karaoke evening incoming
Fenrir if you see that I'm on just poke me and ill fix it
Nope don't have enough permissions
holy shit it's fenrir