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I take this brief moment to modestly brag ;) Cause so many haters said Hydra would trash him in the finals. Including but not limited to the analyst desk that doubted Polt through and through he proves once again to be the humble and true champion overturning a 1-3 deficit to win the series 4-3 to become the first ever 3-Time WCS champion. Congratulations Captain America, you have been my favorite player since 2010 when I first started watching competitive sc2 and you continue to solidify your reign as one of the greatest Terrans to have ever touched the game.

After a long season and 9 straight wins we are on our way to being a "Royal Roader" in choboleague. We face CT6 in the final round which begins monday. If you're in the finals I've already spoken with you to give you time to prepare. Good Luck gentleman and bring the championship home. PS watch out for the all ins :)

After 7 weeks we have cruised into the playoffs with a 7-0 score in group stage.  This week we start off quater fianals vs composite in what should be an interesting match.Composite just came off beating the other undeafeated team Unrivaled. You can find this weeks line ups and matchups at http://wiki.teamliquid.net/starcraft2/User:Tromboneham/Chobo_Team_League_Season_9/Playoffs

Teamspeak is up
Theres a Major issue with Teamspeak trouble shooting it.
ok thanks for the update dj, sorry just saw that post
teamspeak down?
ts will be up in a few min