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Its time to test our SC2 skills vs the scrubs of the SC2 universe. To represent RH in our first match up vs Flare gaming will be

Set 1. Entropy       396   Toss
Set 2.Drinky           619(Zerg)
Set 3. Theory        876 (Zerg)
Set 4. Bandit         114 (Zerg)
Set 5. NverSayDy 887 (Terran)
Set 6. Enigma      1365 (Terran)
Set 7. Stephano      816(Zerg)
Set 8. Minzy          523 (Zerg)
Set 9. DarkBlue        551(Protoss)

Heavy zerg line up to kick things off. 

Chobo Team League

djmusic10 a posted Jan 12, 15

Relentless Heroes Starcraft 2 Division has been invited and participating in the Chobo Team League on Enjin. This league allows us to enter weekly clan wars in a match making style set up against other clans. This results in the possibility to be part of the playoffs. This is a great way to test your skill against other teams and represent yourself as a Hero. Diamond and below are only allowed ! 

Follow the link below to sign up.
RedXD101 sweet
MarineUsMcRH a That's awesome!

We will be having a Staff meeting this Sunday involving all users above the "Member" rank. We will be discussing the path we as a community will be taking as well as clearing up any confusions among the community. Also we will be reviewing where the Starcraft 2 division is now.
Jake I will also
RedXD101 ill be with you in spirits lol sence im not admin or rnforcer XD
MarineUsMcRH a I'll be around.
Soooo lonely
soo quiet
Those of you playing in the CTL please check out this post: [link] - Individual WCS/GSL style individual leagues starting up. Would like some RH players!
its soo quiet on the forum .... T-T
UPCOMING 2015 FEAUTURES ON ENJIN! They just annouced streams module! Success!