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In just a few short hours the monk comes to HOTS along with a bunch of changes! Be ready heroes!

For a full list of patch changes please visit: Heroes Of The Storm Patch Aug. 10th

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In less than 2 days!

MarineUsMcRH a posted May 31, 15

In less than 25 hours Heroes of the Storm releases officially. HoTs is blizzards installment to compete with Mobas like League of Legends and Dota 2. While HoTs does define itself as a Moba it is vastly different, and some say inferior to it's predecessors. While to me Heroes of the Storm offers a very different playstyle and unique twist on mobas the lack of items and map based objectives a hard pill to swallow but, a unique form nonetheless. I myself have played over 200 games of HoTs and enjoy the different spin on a moba as it offers me a new spin on my traditional love for mobas. I look forward to the launch as well as to seeing how many others pick up and get involved in the game.

After a very long time of waiting Enjin finally has integrated support with Twitch. I am now able to display your stream as well as have it integrated via Enjin profiles so people are able to follow streams and watch right through the website. It auto updates based on who comes online and allows us to more easily monitor progress.

I take this brief moment to modestly brag ;) Cause so many haters said Hydra would trash him in the finals. Including but not limited to the analyst desk that doubted Polt through and through he proves once again to be the humble and true champion overturning a 1-3 deficit to win the series 4-3 to become the first ever 3-Time WCS champion. Congratulations Captain America, you have been my favorite player since 2010 when I first started watching competitive sc2 and you continue to solidify your reign as one of the greatest Terrans to have ever touched the game.

After a long season and 9 straight wins we are on our way to being a "Royal Roader" in choboleague. We face CT6 in the final round which begins monday. If you're in the finals I've already spoken with you to give you time to prepare. Good Luck gentleman and bring the championship home. PS watch out for the all ins :)

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hey im in the gold and under tournament but i have to do something quickly at 8pm is there any way i can play a match early then return shor
Gold and Under tonight scrubs: Signup here: [link]
@Abcsam Hey man glad you applied and registered on the site,. If the application is pending I'll let DJ know asap. Tell me what games you play.
Oh shit, it's Mower. What's up BOIII!?