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RHGaming and its administration would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter [insert "DJ" joke here ;)]
We value and are happy to have each and every one of you guys on our roster. Happy egg hunting.
[MotM] BadDawGe Happy 20th day of the 4th Month as well...
djmusic10 a A bunny goes baaaaa

Teamspeak Is online Now!!

djmusic10 a posted Apr 13, 14

In a sudden turn of events on our server providers end , our Teamspeak server had to be brought down but now everything has been sorted and is finally up online. The address is still Ts.Rhgaming.com .we apologize for the inconvenience and stay tuned to Relentless Heroes Gaming for more news. Happy Gaming 
MarineUsMcRH a Picture added - by MarineUsMcRH ...
dragoon1101 well about time ... ...

RHGaming Streams!

MarineUsMcRH a posted Apr 9, 14

Over the past several weeks many of us have streamed with not much support from our thriving D3 community. We ask that you go to your web browser when our stream goes live and just type in the URL. You don't have to watch, or even have it unmuted but, support RHGaming by showing your RH spirit and boosting the active viewer count on the stream. Initial viewers lead to new viewers. We HAVE a Twitch partnership, we need to take advantage of that and really start working as a team. BadDawGe, me, and several other members have streamed with little to no help from such a large and thriving community. All it takes is an opened webpage on the stream to help out, it isn't a lot to ask. Thank you for reading this and for your time, and membership.

****On a side note if you want to get heavily invested in streaming, and/or helping with the streaming activities of Clan RH talk to MarineUsMcRH about it. I want people to get more involved and start working together as a Clan to expand our community and increase our advertising exposure.
Maimedd If you are a streamer too, Please post a link to your stream in the forums. The stream can be located here: http://rhgam ...
djmusic10 a Also streaming helps us with bringing you more members to game with as well opens us to opportunities by helping us brin ...

Congratulations BadDawGe!

BadDawGe/Draconia/Gaiboy/PixelGuy/TooManyNames has really helped a lot regarding D3 and in regards to the streaming initiative in Clan RH. The administration of RHGaming would like to thank Bad and make sure he is recognized in the community as someone who genuinely cares, and who is hardworking. Thank you and congratulations Bad from the RHGaming leaders.
Ginentonic Congrats!!!
MarineUsMcRH a Lol, sure...

As of today i've created the second RHGaming clan roster due to the primary roster being full. There's something highly important about both clan rosters that everyone needs to be aware of. As RoS releases and progresses the Primary roster will continue to be competitive and more harsh regarding getting onto, and staying on the roster. 

Things to expect if you stay on the primary clan Roster:

  • A Paragon Level Requirement
  • Very routine activity in-game AND teamspeak
  • More to be announced...

Things that are expected of you if you stay on the Second clan roster [Should be doing this anyway if you are a member of this clan]:

  • Support the people that stream to expand, and expose the clan you're a member of
  • Community interaction
  • Activity on teamspeak and in-game
  • Have fun
  • Check the website for updates / news
  • Uphold a positive image for the clan if you're representing our tag in any way
  • If you're joining this COMMUNITY work as a community towards common interests

Always remember DJMusic, BadDawGe, Maimedd, Jonus, Clor, me, and all the other leadership of RHGaming are here to help you guys if you have a concern or an issue. We care about this community, and want a clan that cares about the organization they represent and are apart of. As always, happy gaming and thank you for reading this.
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Hey RHers, working on a new Sci-fi RTS up on Kickstarter right now. Check it out :) [link]
the other ppls are drinking. lol
you know u love me ...
your still a noob though :)
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