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Swift has been doing a great deal of work on the Sc2 section in RHGaming and we see, and appreciate it. It's with great pleasure to award this month's MoTM to SwiftRH! Congratulations man.
Mikachu gj Swift ...
Jonus thanks Swift for your everything you have been doing for RH!

First of all I want to congratulate Darkblue for attending the Red Bull Atlanta event and placing in the seeding bracket! I was really psyched when I heard about it as Darkblue has been a member for quite some time of RHGaming.

Apart from this our league of legends community is slowly growing even if it's one member a day it's still a step forward, and in the right direction. After each decent - good game I have on League I always send out the RHGaming.com link and I feel if more of us would do the same we'd get that much more exposure little by little.

I also must annotate SwiftRH's hard work on the Starcraft 2 sector of RH. He has stepped up and been recruiting, and helping a great deal on that regard. With this all being said it is with a great ease and happiness that I award SwiftRH with the RHGaming member of the Month!

Taullaris Thats awesome Blue! congrats!
Jonus nice job my Blue!!!! that's awesome . Glad to see the SC and LoL section thriving. Hopefully wants the patch goes live ...

At the latest leadership meeting we've discussed re-entry into League Of Legends full throttle. Over the next few weeks we'll be recruiting, and bolstering our LoL roster. We have a lot of plans for League Of Legends as it's always been a big hallmark game for RHGaming over the past few years. Please post in the league of legends forums / comment on this post if you're interested in League of Legends so we have a better headcount of how many people are interested in the game.

Finally the college/school semester is coming to a close, and RHGaming have a resurgence. We know we've been in a bit of a lull as of late due to workloads, college, and real life but we are not gone. My final is on May 20th and after that i'm free all summer to put 100% of my time, energy, and passion into this clan again. We've had a very successful diablo 3 launch and wish to continue that success into other games and continue to advertise and be the great gaming community that is thought of when you think of RH. 2014 will be the year RHGaming takes its gaming to the next level in League Of Legends, Hearthstone, Diablo 3, and re-enters itself as the gaming community any member can be proud of.

Main Goals that we'll be talking about at our upcoming leadership meeting are:

-Streaming / Public Relations
-Building a collaborative and communication centric roster
-Narrowing recruiting down to recruit players we WANT not just players that are willing to join
-Clan Focus post D3
-Bi monthly leadership meetings / monthly clan-wide meetings
-Activity as a whole on the website & teamspeak
- Rest - To be determined

As always feel free to contact me, DJ, Jonus, or Maimedd regarding any troubles you're having or if you have any questions. I'll be seeing everyone again very shortly :)  <3 you guys

RHGaming and its administration would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter [insert "DJ" joke here ;)]
We value and are happy to have each and every one of you guys on our roster. Happy egg hunting.
BadDawGe Happy 20th day of the 4th Month as well...
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If someone need a player or two give me a shout in game: Krzysiokox. Thanks
There's a bunch of guys doing that stuff yes.
Is there a 5s ranked team in lol ?
Hey man, welcome
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